What does “pinche paisa” mean?

Paisa is slang for paisana. That means countrywoman, but it used informally like homegirl. It can have different connotations (more or less positive) depending what country the speaker is from. Pinche is usually Mexican Spanish.

Friggin be-atch would be a good translation that won’t get too many star censors here on Yahoo.

ja ja ja ja oops sorry sounds funny

“pinche” as someone else just said means something like “damned” “darn” “freaking” or even “f*cking” although in this case is not used in a bad way
“pinche” is used in Mexico mostly although it does not have a real meaning some times is used as an add on to an insult,( pinche idiota) (freaking idiot) sometimes just to have an extra word in your sentence it is just one of those words that people say without knowing where that came or why they even say it

and “paisa” in is just a short way to say that the guy or person is from the same country (state, town, etc) that you are; which is “paisano” some times it is used just to say
“dude” or “guy”


1) “I’m from mexico”
– ” me too, we are “paisanos ” ” paisas”

2)-can you believe I ate 3 burritos at once?

-“pinche paisa” (freaking dude) you are crazy that’s to much.

I used to use “pinche” a lot when I was a Kid. not anymore Now I use the “F” word as an add-on to my insults or as the extra-meaningless word in my sentences

it means darn something. I don’t know what the paisa means.

Damm man

or literally

Damm countryman

paisa is a person who comes from the same country as the person speaking, problaly Mexico

Source(s): Mexican

Paisa is slang for paisano, a countryman… Freaking (countryman)… Pinche is usually Mexican, so either Freaking (countryman) or Freaking/Damn Mexican…?

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it means something bad…
in translation its similar in english to
f*ck*n mojo

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