What does pay first check mean on a bank statement?

On my bank statement there were two charges that say “Pay First Check”. There is no store or reason for the charges and one is $80 and one is $100, both even numbers. If anyone knows what this means let me know, thanks!

It should list a phone number to contact them, if not, call your bank and inquire about the transactions. You should try to call the merchant first.

Looks like it ‘bounced’ .. call your bank .. PS It’s a common trick pulled (especially by ‘foreign’ buyers) on new ebay sellers .. it takes the bank a day or two to confirm the cheque is OK (foreign cheques take longer to confirm) …but everyone insists that deposits are shown as soon as possible .. so the deposit ‘seems’ to be OK the day after you pay it in (so the unwary post off the auction goods) .. and then (still within the 3-5 day processing limit) the cheque ‘bounces’ and you discover you have been scammed .. next time WAIT THE FULL 5 DAYS after the cheque has gone it … PPS US buyers can also ‘reverse’ PayPal transactions (they use their Credit Card to pay via Paypal and then ask their Card Co. to do a ‘charge back’ .. (which a US Card Co. will do without question) … needless to say, PayPal then takes the money back off you .. the buyers PP ac/c may get ‘blocked’ (no consolation to you) so they only do it for nice expensive items…. and (of course) more often new buyers (low f/b) that pull this trick ..

Pay First Check

Bank says it is a funds transfer or counter check. I confirmed mine was a counter check.

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Someone is trying to rip you off by sending bad checks. I hope you didnt mail the merchandise. If you haven’t… DONT…..

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sounds like collection – payday lender to me

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