What does OV9 mean??

I made a long distance call to a friend and received this message “Sorry your call cannot go through at this moment…please try again later….OV9” Does this mean my friend’s phone has been disconnected??? I never heard that expression OV9 after a message.

It is a code that, among other things, points out the specific central office that generated the message. Often when making a long distance call, the route taken between the caller and called party will take numerous hops through different toll offices. A trouble at any one of the “hops” could block the call and therefore generate this message. While there is very sophisticated diagnostic equipment that will trouble shoot and identify problems, this is just one more way to narrow and localize a trouble to a specific central office switching center.

Source(s): 26 years in the telephone industry

its just the code for the error message… many times after you make a call and there is a recording on the line it will be followed by a code like this… it is not important.. just the error code.. like when you go to a webpage on a site that is not there, it will give you a 404 message…

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no it does not mean that it just means that he is not exepting calls at that moment.

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