What does “live steel” mean?

I’m going to a convention with a prop and they don’t allow “live steel”.

It is something to do with combat. Like swords and such things. Stage combat props.
“If it’s metal, out of a sheath, and shaped like a sword, it’s probably going to count as live steel.”
“Live steel is defined as swords, knives, or other objects made of metal, which can take an edge.”

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What does “live steel” mean?
I’m going to a convention with a prop and they don’t allow “live steel”.
Just wondering what an exact definition of that would be…

Real deadly weapons normally made of steel. And they are ‘live’ because they have a sharpened edge (but not always). So things like swords, knives, axes, ect. I have been in the SCA (SCA.org) since I was 18 and know the meaning of this term well.
Many times at cons they state they must be ‘peace bound’ (zip tied to the scabbard in the case of swords or knives to prevent them from removed) to prevent injury or death to the carrier or others. Or covered and peace bound in things like maces, morning stars, lances, ect.

Basicly its any form off metall that could hurt some one. So if youre wearing a whip, or a fake sword youll have to follow ceartain rules (not swing it in wrong places, have the whip peace bounded etc) there should be proper exploration on the cons web page but if youre in doubt ask the staff! Johan.

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for conventions that usually means no sharp edges or metal blades (even dull). Most conventions also peace bind props.

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