What does leggo my eggo mean?

I’m doing an informative speech on waffles and I would like to know what the slogan “L’eggo my eggo” means, because I never really understood it. Thanks!

let go of my eggo waffle

Leggo My Eggo

Eggo Commercial

Leggo my Eggo means that person can’t have your eggo waffles if you are eating breakfast with some. Leggo is a slang term of the phrase Let go of my eggo waffles. Catchy isn’t it?

It’s just a TV advertisᴇмᴇɴt catch phrase. They were selling eggo’s, a toaster pop tart type of thing. Someone grabbed it and the other one said, “Leggo my eggo”.

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It’s a catchy marketing slogan trying to say, “Let go of my Eggo” because, supposedly, the Eggo waffle is so good that someone will try to take it from you before you can eat your breakfast.

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Let Go of My *%@# Eggo! lol

The thought behind the slogan is that the eggos are sooooo gOOd that everyone’s going to want to take it from you as soon as it pops outa the toaster!

‘hey! leggo my eggo!’

Let go of my Eggo waffle.

“Let go of my Eggo”. It was part of the Eggo waffle campaign in the 90’s.


Let go of my eggo. Commercial and slogan.

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