What does it mean when someone says “Nail, meet head”?

Is it one other approach of claiming “hit the nail on the top”?

Hahahaha no it does not atually seek advice from hitting a nail on the top with a hammer. It signifies that the nail will ”meet” somebody’s head. As within the speaker desires to place a nail into somebody’s/his personal head.
Let`s say you fail miserably in class and get 30% on an important examination. You possibly can say nail, meet head that means you’ll smash a nail into your cranium and it will nonetheless be much less painfull then failing. Or it may very well be your figurative type of punishment.
I hope I helped

Nail Meet Head

No, it’s extra related too…another person giving the reply.
Query or drawback… Meet your reply.
Nail …….. head
Reasonably than YOU hitting the nail on the top and sorting the issue your self.

yep, just about!

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