What does it mean “Live 8e/5p”?

Different times in America. 8pm is Eastern Time, 5pm is Pacific Time

I disagree that ‘live recording’ is an oxyoron. It is merely shorthand for ‘this recording was made at a concert at which there was an audience’ But, I agree, concert recording would be a better expression. I tend to avoid recordings of opera, incidentally, that are made in an opera house, during an actual performance, as they can be overpowered by crashing and thumping as the performers move about. Recordings of concerts aren’t so bad, except that audiences these days seem to applaud before the last notes die away (having just listened to a, hmmmm, live recording, from last year’s Proms) I love being an old curmudgeon. On BBC boards I have the id ‘Victorsbrother’…..

That just means that the show will go on the air Live at 8 eastern time, 5 pacific time…am or pm, whatever they say. ..and the time depending on where in the U.S. you live. East coast would be 8 West Coast would be 5.

Different times zones – when it’s 8 in New York (Eastern), it’s 5 in California (Pacific).

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