What does highborn kinsman mean?

Annabel Lee

like all good writers, poe took from his own life. aside from his alcoholism and other addictions, he also suffered that soul wracking grief at the death of a loved one (his ‘lenore’ or in this poem, anabelle lee”)

in this context, the ‘highborn kinsman’ represents the angel of death.

Kinsmen Definition

Annabel Lee is an Edgar Allan Poe poem. Edgar Allan Poe is thought to be insane by many people. This poem is about the man going mad over his wife’s death.

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Using a melodious narrative form, the speaker laments the death, many years ago, of his beloved young bride Annabel Lee. His loss moves him to state that envious angels caused the girl’s death to “dissever” (separate) the young married couple. He tells briefly of her funeral and entombment “in her sepulchre … by the sea.” The narrator then reveals that he has been unable to accept their separation. Since her death, he has spent night after night at her tomb, an astonishing and perverse example of the immortality of young love.

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