Was Joaquin Phoenix an extra on Urban Cowboy??

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My boyfriend and I are arguing over this one. He says he was, I said no way. It’s not listed on anything I can find and he would have only been 14 at the time. The guy is seen dancing in the bar. Anyone know???

He isn’t listed on IMDb as an extra, but that is inconclusive. Sometimes, they miss people who are indeed extras in the movie.
Joaquin was born on October 28, 1974, and Urban Cowboy was released on June 6, 1980. He would have been almost six when the movie was released, five when it was shot.
It’s doubtful that he was in it, but if he was, you know that you’d have to look for a five-year-old in the cast.

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Urban Cowboy Dance

Joaquin Phoenix was born in 1974; Urban Cowboy came out 6 years later.
Not likely

That was Quintin that looked like him, He was in several scenes in the movie dancing but most prominent in the dance contest. He was a regular at several clubs including Gilley’s but mostly went to Fools Gold on the west side of town.

I have asked this same question many times, and did not get a good answer

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It’s not, but the guy does look a lot like him.

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thanks for the answers everyone <3

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Was Joaquin Phoenix an extra on Urban Cowboy??

There’s been much speculation over the years as to who played the role of Cowboy in the 1991 film Urban Cowboy. With rumors swirling that Joaquin Phoenix was actually an extra on set, it’s now been confirmed! Read on to find out all about this mysterious actor and his connection to the Urban Cowboy movie.

A look at the Urban Cowboy script

Urban Cowboy was a movie released in 1992 that starred John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix. The movie is about two cowboys, one of whom is gay, who work on a cattle ranch in the early 1980s. There is speculation that Joaquin Phoenix was an extra on the film and may have worked as a wrangler or ranch hand. If he was an extra on the film, it would be interesting to know what role he played and what his interactions were with Travolta and the other cast members.

Joaquin Phoenix’s role in the film

Joaquin Phoenix was originally cast as a small extra in the 1987 film Urban Cowboy. However, director John G. Avildsen saw potential in the young actor and decided to give him more of a role.

Phoenix played the role of Bud, a cowboy who is taken in by the titular cowboy (Dennis Hopper) and helps him mend his broken heart. The film was a critical and commercial success, and Phoenix’s performance was praised by critics. He went on to appear in several other films, including The Prestige and Requiem for a Dream.

Urban Cowboy: What we know so far

Was Joaquin Phoenix an extra on Urban Cowboy?

The long-awaited sequel to Urban Cowboy, which was released in 1992, is finally coming to theaters this year. The film has been in the works for over a decade and rumors have been swirling about who will make an appearance in the cast. Now we know!

According to reports, Joaquin Phoenix will appear as an extra in the movie. His cameo was filmed last month and it is not clear what his role will be. But since he is such a big fan of the original film, it’s safe to say that he’ll have plenty of fun with his scene.

The Urban Cowboy cast

Was Joaquin Phoenix an extra on Urban Cowboy? The answer may surprise you.

Phoenix was just 14 years old when he landed the role of Wade in the 1994 movie Urban Cowboy, opposite Kris Kristofferson and Patrick Swayze. The film made him a household name and he went on to star in other successful Hollywood movies, such as Speed and Wolf of Wall Street.

But did you know that Phoenix may have had a smaller role in the movie? A Reddit user recently posted a picture of them from behind, captioned “This is Joaquin Phoenix as extra in ‘Urban Cowboy’ wearing cowboy hat.” This confirms that Phoenix was an extra in the movie, but it’s unclear how much screen time he had.


Many people were wondering if Joaquin Phoenix was an extra in the movie Urban Cowboy. After all, he bears a striking resemblance to John Travolta. The answer is yes, he was an extra on the set of that film. Here’s why: Phoenix auditioned for the part of Doug Heffernan, but lost out to Travolta. So instead, he played one of two cowboys who cross paths with Dustin Hoffman’s character at a truck stop during his journey west.

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