trolls receive 86s?

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heard it in a Puscifer track, anybody know what it means?

When used as a verb in American English, eighty-six, eighty-sixed, 86, 86ed, 86’d, and the like are slang for eliminating one thing, ejecting somebody, or refusing service.

To be “86’ed” is to be thrown out, eliminated or taken away from one thing.

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When trolls receive 86s?

Trolling is a popular online pastime that can be quite entertaining, but it can also have serious consequences. In recent years, online trolls have been receiving increasingly negative feedback from other users in the form of reports called “86s.” What’s so special about 86s?

What are 86s?

86s are a type of troll that posts offensive and inflammatory comments in an attempt to disrupt or offend other users. They often use inflammatory language and offensive images to try to get a reaction from others.

86s are often seen as trolls because they deliberately seek to cause conflict and disruption in online communities. They do this in order to derive fun or amusement from the reactions of other users.

86s can be a difficult problem to deal with because they often operate in secret and without any regards for the feelings of other users. It is important to remember that 86s are not just trolls, but also people who have problems with social anxiety or interpersonal relationships.

If you see someone posting 86s, it is important to approach them calmly and objectively explain why their comments are harmful. You can also encourage them to seek help from a therapist or counselor if they are struggling with mental health issues.

How do trolls receive 86s?

Trolls receive an 86 (indicating a very low quality comment) when they make a post that is not relevant to the topic of the blog or when their grammar and spelling are poor.

Trolling is a popular tactic used by some online users to engage in negative conversation with others. It is often considered to be a form of harassment or bullying.

Trolls use inflammatory language and derogatory terms to attack their opponents. They will often make posts that are deliberately provocative in order to get a reaction.

Many people view trolling as harmless fun, but it can have serious consequences for the victims involved. Trolls can damage relationships, careers, and social standing.

If you spot someone engaging in trolling behavior on your blog, you should take action. You can report the user to Google AdSense or Facebook, or you can block them from commenting on your blog altogether.

What does this mean for the future of online trolling?

Trolling has always been a part of online conversations, but what does this mean for the future of online trolling?

One of the key factors that has contributed to the growth of trolling is the anonymity that internet users enjoy. This anonymity allows trolls to anonymously attack others without fear of reprisal. In some cases, it can also be a way for trolls to release their anger and frustration without having to face consequences.

However, this anonymity is starting to change. As more and more people join the internet, trolls are starting to receive backlash from their victims. This backlash not only hurts the victims’ feelings, but it also damages the credibility of trolls and makes it harder for them to find new victims.

As society continues to move towards a more connected world, trolling is likely to become less common. This change will have a lasting impact on online conversations, as it will make it easier for people to communicate with each other civilly.


When users receive 86s on their feedback, it can often be demoralizing and discouraging. However, it’s important not to let trolls dictate your mood or thoughts. If you’re feeling down because of a troll’s negative feedback, remember that there are plenty of other positive things in the world worth focusing on! Be grateful for the good experiences you have had and keep pushing forward – no one is perfect, so don’t get too bogged down by someone else’s negative comments.

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