Tip (how much?) or no tip for Outback Steakhouse Curbside (Take-away)?

You can call in, order and then pick up Outback Steakhouse as “Curbside” service, in which you park and they bring out the food and the check. You give them money/credit card and they return for change/signature.

I worked in Outback Steakhouse Curbside takeaway, and it definitely involves more than just bringing the damn bag out with the check, thank you very much!
I worked at the highest selling Outback in the region, so it was usually ***-kicking busy.
As a togo team worker, depending on my position in the team that night, my job involves keeping 30-some orders organized, ringing them up correctly, keeping a $3,000 cash drawer straight, timing the tickets right and in order, stocking supplies, packaging sometimes15 orders coming off the grill at a time in the correct bag, (the salads and apps come first, entrees next) making sure everything has the right side order, cooked to the right temp, make sure requested toppings, bread, butter, are in, etc
It really gets exhausting on weekends, you would have to experience it to undertand doing all this for an $80 huge bag of food and getting nothing for it.
We had the best togo though, we labeled EVERYTHING and boxed and packaged EVERYTHING (even the veggies with your steak, we didn’t just throw them in the box in the melted baggie) so we knew the order was complete and correct.
Very fast paced work.
Valentine’s Day was pure hell simply because customers came in to order/pick up and stood around our little area and hallway like cattle while we had to scurry around them with big bags of food and they would not move!!! That slowed us down a lot!!! (sorry just ranting)
I didn’t expect %15 because i was still paid a decent hourly wage, unlike the servers, who unbeknownst to an unfortunate amount of diners make $2.65/hr. (because they relied on tips)
So to answer your question, anything $5 (the norm) and up would make them happy. If everyone tipped like that it would be a good day.
Some people tip more because they know we do a good job.
Some even tip %15 because they are super nice, and we remember them!
If everyone tipped like that it would make their day.
All of the tips are put in a pool and they are divided evenly to each of the togo workers each time one is cut and their shift is done. The number of people is usually around 4-5 on busy days, 2-3 late at night and weekdays.

10% if they acknowledge you quickly and are polite (these almost always happen with Outback curbside). I know they don t serve you, but it s actually pretty hard work making sure that your food is neat, organized, and still appetizing, rather than just dumping it in a box. Plus, the difficulty of getting the order correct, the service of bagging it and bringing it to your car, etc. Tipping x$ per order is unfair, as larger orders are more difficult.

I speak from accross the pond I would say that if you tip at all itwould be generous .Have you heard of a web site called Shitty tippers .com
It says that J -lo is a real shitty tipper .
I’Ve worked as awaiterhere in England at some very classy ( or want to be Hotels ) anf dit dosent matteri fyou give excellent service ( and I do know how to do that . See My profile C.V people do not tip they try every mental and emotional trick to do so . So I gave up the Job .
Roadside cafde etc tipping is definetly not on in Britain so you can tour without a bad concience ,
Just excpect high prices poor food and infdiffernt service

I used to work at Outback, actually. (hated it, though ) You all should remember that servers make about $2.13 an hour. They depend on tips to pay their rent. One extra dollar from you won’t make a difference, but in an 8 hour shift, it can add up to mean a lot to the server.
For the curbside orders, they’re usually getting paid a little bit more than the servers. However, they are going back into the kitchen, packing all the food, running out in the rain *while* answering the phone, taking orders, and running your credit card. Their job is more hectic than people know. I would say 10%… they’re performing a service while you sit in your car. If you’re uncomfortable with that, $2 is a nice gesture … and, like I said, it really adds up over a 8 hour shift of standing on your feet.

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In general I dont think people tip. But I think it’s a nice gesture under 5 dollars.

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I tip curbside carryout workers either $2 or $3 dollars per bag of food. $3 per bag if they are either cheery/friendly or look overworked. $2 per bag if its a standard food for money exchange. Also because I’m clearly a pig, I will round the change up to the nearest dollar if the carryout person is female.

I tip a couple of dollars no matter how much the bill it. I dont think they should have a large tip but deserve a little something

I always give $2 or $3 for curbside. The car hop has to bring out the food, take the credit card in and run it through, come back out to get the signature. It’s not the same level of service as if you went in and sat at a table, but enough that the car hop deserves something for her or his effort. We don’t teach enough about tipping in this country. We don’t don’t know how much to tip people who cut our hair, who give us tattoos, etc.


if it’s fifteen maybe pay with 16.50 and tell them to keep the change. or like i did the other day when we got something like that it was 13.00 even somehow, and it was like what a 25 foot walk to our car? so i just tipped him 13.75. call it rude. call it whatever.

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