The Top 7 Pests that Require Immediate Emergency Pest Control Services

Nobody wants to share their space with uninvited guests of the creepy-crawly variety. More squeamish folks might even think all types of pests warrant emergency pest control.

To a degree, that’s true, but some household pests are more dangerous than others. Read on to explore the top seven most undesirable critters to get rid of immediately.

What Is Emergency Pest Control?

Emergency pest control services offer immediate removal of pests, especially those that can be threatening to people, property, or animals. They’re ready and able to apply quick solutions to prevent harm and stop the problem from spreading.

Like all emergency services, these professionals are available around the clock to help you with pest problems. Although we’re highlighting some of the most troublesome pests here, it’s always best to consult the experts when you find signs of pests in your home.

Bees Require Professional Pest Control

Bees play a vital role in nature, and that’s where they should stay. If you have bees in your house or close by, they might sting an unsuspecting person.

Not only will this result in the death of the bee, but people with bee allergies could have a severe reaction to their venom.

Get Help With Wasps and Hornets

Like bees, wasps and hornets can cause problems for people with allergies. Unlike bees, these creatures can sting you over and over again without suffering any ill effects.

This means their victims can quickly receive a harmful dose of venom when attacked.

Eradicate Rodents Fast

Rats and mice are notoriously difficult to get rid of as they’re mostly nocturnal, very fast, and extremely agile. The most effective ways to get rid of rodents are with professional pest control products that get rid of rodents for good.

Take Termites Seriously

Termites cause thousands of dollars of damage to homes across the USA every year. They can damage the foundations of your home, destroy the roof structure, and decimate other wooden components of your home.

Most homes undergo termite-proofing at some stage, but if you notice chewed wood anywhere in your house, you should reach out to a professional pest control service right away.

Cockroaches Cause Problems

German cockroaches are particularly problematic when they find a way into your home. These pests prefer to live indoors and can spread disease, cause asthma, and multiply rapidly.

If you see a cockroach in your home, call a residential pest control service before you end up with a cockroach infestation. 

Don’t Mess With Scorpions

Fortunately, it’s relatively rare to encounter a scorpion in your home. If you do, you should not attempt to touch it or remove it yourself.

Scorpion stings can be deadly. Call a pest control expert if you see a scorpion in your house.

Never Hesitate to Get Help With Pests

Emergency pest control is an important precaution when you spot signs of pests that can harm you and your family or cause destruction in your home. Although bees, flies, wasps, termites, and rodents are the most troublesome of these, it’s always best to get professional help when you’re experiencing pest issues.

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