The Most Interesting Websites To Waste Your Time On

Most people log on to the internet multiple times a day, with some going as far as being online during most of their waking hours. And, while there are loads of valuable reasons to be browsing the world wide web, the internet has also become a destination for procrastination and the perfect place to while away the hours.

Before we come onto the most interesting websites to waste your time on, it’s worth noting that the internet is a place where there is something for everyone, which is what makes it so great. For example, there is a massive variety of quality blackjack games online for those who want to chance their arm at winning some cash, but then there are also sites that allow visitors to explore various famous landmarks up close and personal, showing the versatility of the online world.

Radio Garden

Radio Garden is an excellent choice for those wanting to either waste some time or help time, potentially while working, to go faster. By tuning in to Radio Garden, visitors will be exploring the various radio stations that are playing in different areas of the world. And, in doing so, they’ll hear a range of music and perhaps stumble across a genre they’ve not heard before.

Flight Radar

Flight Radar has been around for years, but it continues to grow in popularity all the time. What’s interesting about Flight Radar is that users are now logging on to check specific journeys, such as football players who may be heading from one country to another to sign for a new team. Or the journey of royal families and senior politicians. It’s arguably one of the most prominent choices to waste some time in proper fashion online.


GeoGuessr, like Flight Radar, is another website that has been around for a fair amount of time. But in that time, it has become huge, and now more people than ever before are logging on to engage in a game of GeoGuessr. In short, using Street View, players are tasked with working out where they are in the world after being randomly sent to a location. 

The Useless Web

Sometimes, you’re probably going to have exhausted your list of go-to websites and are struggling to think of where to visit next. The Useless Web is a site that can help because when you visit and hit the button marked “please”, it will fire you off to a totally random website. It could turn out to be one where you spend some time. Or you may find yourself hitting the button again to find another site to visit.

Window Swap

Window Swap may appear slightly creepy until you realise what is happening isn’t live. As you will probably gather from the name, on loading the Window Swap website, visitors will effectively be seeing the world out of someone else’s window from across the globe. It’s also possible to create an account and upload your own entry, so others can check out the view from your window.

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