The first step toward establishing open communication within an organization is to?

a.create a clear chain of command much like the one found in military organizations.

Remove all negativity from the organization.

Create an empowered, positive atmosphere.

There are NO wrong decisions or wrong actions.

There are
Great decisions/actions
Good decisions/actions
Re-enforcable decisions/actions that need a little work.

Once employees/co-workers see themselves as valued contributors and that their opinions/ideas matter you won’t be able to turn off the growth and creativity.


I would open a regenerate store. By that, I mean — had I the funds, of course — I would open a store that purchases discarded items (whether it be clothes, furniture, Elvis portraits or s) and then take those items and make them “new” again. Well, that and beyond. I would purchase items that have been discarded simply because the owner is tired of it or has no room for it: they will be refurbished (as green as possible, naturally) and then resold in my store. I would also purchase items that the owner has grown tired of, grown out of, or has way too many of and they will be cleaned, mended if needed, and resold. I would sell items that have been created by local artists, carpenters, and other artists because there is an enormous amount of creativity in this area (central Virginia) that has not been tapped because we are all considered “backward hicks.” That’s what I would do.

an organization where people LISTEN is more likely to have open communication

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