Thank you note to boyfriend’s parents for taking you on their family vacation?

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My boyfriend’s parents recently took me on their family vacation. They paid for everything- hotel, dinner, movies, etc. Can anyone help me with a thank you note? Thanks

Simply get a nice blank card and tell them how much you appreciated the vacation and how much you enjoyed it – short and sweet is the best way to say thanks!

Thank You Note To Boyfriend

Wow that was really nice of them! Does your boyfriend have a brother? (j/k). I hope you thanked them personally also but sending a note is a nice thing to do.

something along the lines of….

Dear Mr. & Mrs. (their name)

Thank you so much for including me in your family vacation. I had a wonderful time & appreciate it more than I can possibly say.

Sincerely or Love (depending on how close you are with them)
Your Name

Keep it simple & honest. Write on a nice note card, no e-mail thankyou note. It would be a nice gesture for you & your boyfriend to take them out for dinner as a small thank you, it does not have to be anywhere too expensive, but shows your appreciation.

Dear Mr. and Mrs :

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you allowing me to participate in your family vacation this year. I had so much fun and couldn’t have envisioned a better time! Thank you for being gracious enough to pay for my hotel, dinner, and entertainment expenses. It is something that I will always truly appreciate! Thank You!


Edit: I agree with the poster below, send them a gift basket or a nice wine or some little gift as a kind gesture. They will appreciate the thought.

The purchase of a pretty thank you card with a brief note of thanks inside would be nice; perhaps even a small gift such as a potted plant or small household decoration would be a nice touch. Let them know you appreciate their kindness and what fond memories you will have of the trip!

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I am an 18 year old I jus moved in with my now fiance. We started dating tho when I was 17 n him 22. I am like you described your daughter very mature for my age and my mother was concerned jus as you are. He stayed the night at our house and I stayed the night at his before we moved in together obviously. This is your choice and yours only. Your not a bad mother but a great one if you raised a mature daughter that knows how to take care of herself n handle herself.

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Don’t leave a note just tell them. I think they’ll believe more what you’re saying by looking at your body language. Don’t be scare just be honest and grateful.

I think you should probably get them something as well. Flowers or wine.

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Thank you note to boyfriend’s parents for taking you on their family vacation?

Sometimes it can be hard to get your parents to take you on a family vacation, but this thank you note from a teenage girl shows just how powerful a written message can be. Written with humor and charm, this note shows that even when things don’t go as planned, a heartfelt thank you can go a long way.

Thank you note to boyfriend’s parents for taking you on their family vacation?

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for taking me on your family vacation! It was such an amazing experience and I really appreciate it. I had a blast and I’m sure I learned a lot too. I’m looking forward to spending more time with you all in the future.

How to write a thank you note to someone for taking you on a family vacation

When you are invited to go on a family vacation with someone you are dating, it is always a pleasant surprise. But, before your trip even begins, make sure to thank your boyfriend’s parents for allowing you to join them. Here are some tips on how to write the perfect thank you note:

-Start by thanking the parents for allowing their son or daughter to take you on this wonderful trip. Explain why it is such an honor and mention how much fun you are sure to have.
-Next, describe in detail what your favorite part of the trip was and why. Be specific and mention any funny or interesting stories that happened while on the trip.
-End your note with a sweet apology if there was anything that bothered you during the trip or if something went wrong. Include a sincere apology and explain what steps you will take to ensure that such an event doesn’t occur again in the future.
Now that you have written a thank you note, make sure to send it promptly so that your boyfriend’s parents can positively enjoy their trip!

Tips for writing a thank you note to someone

When writing a thank you note, keep the following tips in mind:

-Start by expressing your gratitude for taking you on their family vacation.
-Say what made the trip so special and why you appreciate them spending time with you.
-Be specific about what you enjoyed most about the trip and how it made you feel.
-End your note with any other remarks or requests, such as when they can expect a response, etc.


Hello Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for taking me on your family vacation this year! It was a blast spending time with you all and I really enjoyed the sights and sounds of Cuba. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to see as much of the island as I would have liked, but it was still a great experience overall. Will definitely be looking into visiting again in the future! Best, ___________

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