solar return moon in 12th house mean ?

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is in the sign virgo x

Solar Return Moon

The Moon(Virgo) in the 12th house of a Solar Return chart suggests a period when the native may be more emotionally reserved and reclusive. They may favor long periods of quiet and introspection. Usually they are not fond of disruptive environments or people during this period. They may find this to be a challenging time when old emotional hangups resurface to be healed. They may struggle with feelings of inadequacy, inferiority or victim complexes may become apparent. Usually the imagination is more potent during this period and an enhanced love of music or forms of art that are visually expressive may become of interest. An increased interest in rendering care and nuturing others may lead to charity work or the adoption of an animal.

Generally speaking, you are going to feel more emotionally reclusive, quiet, and introspective. You’re not going to be showy with emotions, and this will be especially true with the sign of Virgo. You are more likely to repress your emotions, or show them through writing/art.
A couple years ago I had my Solar return moon in the 12H. The moon was in Taurus. That year, I had a relapse of anorexia, and i had lost 20 lbs. I became very emotionally withdrawn and apathetic, and denied myself pleasures I once allowed myself to have ( Taurus ). I also wasn’t really into changing my life or making any new changes. My emotional life was very stangant, and I was obsessed with controlling my emotions.
Obsessed with controlling my emotions that year? Yeah, Moon in the 12H trine Pluto in the 8H, and Moon quincunx Saturn in the 6H. Saturn in the 6H may reflect a restrictive eating pattern for that year, Saturn was square to Pluto.
Like what the person above me said, you have to look at your natal chart too to read it. I have Moon in the 6H natally, Pluto in the 8H natally, etc. Moon is square Pluto natally.

You absolutely *must* look at the Solar Return with an eye to the natal and what hard aspects are in the Solar Return, especially those that are connected to the natal chart. Falling short of this, you will not have a bit of understanding about what you’re observing in the Solar Return chart.
I don’t mean to argue or belabor this point with anyone, but it’s a matter of understanding that you’re reading the chart with total synthesis. You can’t see the Solar Return as a transit. The moment you turn it to observe that chart against the natal offers you the focus for the year. You can’t separate the Solar Return with an eye toward one or two planets/luminaries. There’s an inherent integration of the entire chart, like a wondrous fabric that’s used alone or in conjunction with another chart–the natal–as a marvelous tool.
This is one of those absolute rules to understanding Solar and/or Lunar Returns!
Hope that helps.

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solar return moon in 12th house mean ?

When it comes to predicting the future, astrology is one method that has been used for centuries. And while some people may write it off as a coincidence or “fake news,” there is actually some scientific evidence that supports the use of astrology. One example of this is the solar return moon, which is said to be a predictor of events that will happen in a person’s life during their next solar return cycle. So, what does a solar return moon in the 12th house mean? Read on to find out!

What is a solar return moon in the 12th house?

When the moon returns to the same position it was in at your birth, it is called a solar return. If this happens to fall in your 12th house, it could mean a few things for you.

For one, it could indicate that you will be spending more time alone than usual. This could be a good time for introspection and reflection. You may find yourself withdrawing from social activities and preferring to stay home.

This solitude can be beneficial if you use it wisely. Use this time to get in touch with your feelings and needs. Spend time journaling or exploring your creative side. This is also a good time to catch up on some rest and relaxation.

However, be careful not to isolate yourself too much. Make sure you stay connected to your loved ones and don’t neglect your responsibilities. If you find yourself feeling lonely or depressed, reach out for help.

In general, a solar return moon in the 12th house suggests that you will be focusing more on your inner world than on the outside world during this time. This can be a period of growth and healing if you use it wisely.

What does it mean for your life?

A solar return is when the sun returns to the same place in the sky that it was at the time of your birth. This happens once a year, on your birthday.

When the sun returns to the same place in the sky as it was at your birth, it is said to be in your solar return house. This means that the energy of the sun will be affecting the areas of your life represented by that house.

For example, if your solar return sun is in your 10th house of career, this could mean that you will have opportunities for advancement or success in your career during this year. Or, if your solar return sun is in your 4th house of home and family, this could mean that you will make changes to your home or family life during this year.

The sun is just one planet, so there are many other factors that will influence your solar return. However, the position of the sun is a good starting point for understanding how this annual event will affect your life.

What are the pros and cons of having a solar return moon in the 12th house?

There are both pros and cons to having a solar return moon in the 12th house. One of the pros is that it can help you to become more introspective and reflective. This can be a great way to get in touch with your emotions and to better understand yourself.

Another pro is that it can lead to increased intuition and psychic ability. If you are open to exploring these things, a solar return moon in the 12th house can be a great way to do so.

One of the cons of having a solar return moon in the 12th house is that it can make you feel isolated and cut off from the world. This can be difficult to deal with, especially if you are already feeling lonely or down.

Another con is that it can lead to feelings of paranoia or insecurity. If you are not careful, this combination can result in some serious mental health issues.

Overall, whether or not a solar return moon in the 12th house is a good thing depends on how you deal with it. If you are able to use it as an opportunity to grow and learn, then it can be very beneficial. However, if you let it get the best of you, it can be detrimental.

How can you make the most of your solar return moon in the 12th house?

If your solar return moon is in the 12th house, it can mean that you will have a year of introspection and reflection. This is a good time to focus on your inner self and to get in touch with your emotions. You may find yourself drawn to solitary activities such as meditation or journaling.

This is also a good time to connect with your spiritual side. You may feel a strong need to connect with a higher power or to explore your spiritual beliefs.

The 12th house is also associated with hidden enemies and challenges. If you have solar return moon in the 12th house, you may need to be aware of people who are not supportive of your goals. These people may try to sabotage your efforts or trip you up when you are trying to achieve something.

Despite the challenges that the 12th house may bring, it is also a place of great potential. If you can overcome the obstacles in your way, you can achieve great things this year.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the meaning of a solar return moon in the 12th house will vary depending on the individual’s birth chart. However, some believe that this placement can indicate a need for introspection and solitude, and may suggest that the individual is working through some deep emotional issues. If you are curious about what this placement means for you, we recommend consulting with a trained astrologer.

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