Safe to use a ċöndöm after left in hot car?

I left a pack of ċöndöms in my car for 2 days and one day was pretty hot, the inside of my car was very hot when i got in it, and the ċöndöms were in my glovebox…. is it safe to use or should i just ditch them and get new ones?

You don’t necessarily have to ditch them. There are loads of neat things that you could do with a box of hot ċöndöms.

Have a water balloon fight with your lady/man friend
Assorted arts and crafts
Give them to Neighborhood children
Put them on your fingers and pretend you’re a greasy alien
Put them on your bicycle handle bars.
Put some orange juice in them, then freeze them so that you get Ԁıc̫ҡ-sicles

The possibilities are practically endless!

Leaving Condoms In Hot Car

No. Condoms have to be left in temps about room temp. Any thing extreem like 100 degrees can do some damage on them. Get new ones just to be safe. They don’t cost that much and you’ll be happier you did.

hi. No,it heavily isn’t risk-free. the surplus warmth that builds up in an unventilated automobile could render the latex used in a ċöndöm ineffective whilst it exceeds particular temperatures. For the sake of a pair of quid, get a sparkling p.c.. and unload this one! vast L 266

i would suggest getting new ones. i live in texas, so the inside of cars here get up to like a million degrees. the chemical composition of the rubber may have changed, making it easier to break.

it might be all sticky and uncomfortable to wear, also.

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get new ones just to be safe

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