“raise the mizzenmast jib the topsails” what does that mean?

in the avengers, tony stark says “raise the mizzenmast jib the topsails.” he says it shortly after his confrontation with thor.

he was throwing around obscure or outdated Navy jargon, since he was standing at the helm of the helicarrier.

(but we was really just trying to distract and divert everyone so he could plant his bug.)

I don’t remember him saying that, but anyway it’s gibberish made out of old fashioned sailor terms various sails and masts on old sailing ships. The jib was a particular sail on a sailboat. The mizzenmast was one of the masts. The topsail was… the topsail… “jib the topsail” means nothing. It’s like saying can oƿє-ṅєr the coffee maker.

If he said that I’d guess he was pretending to talk like an old sailor for some reason. Probably making fun of thor maybe. When did he say that?


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