Poll: do girls like dimples on a guy?

By dimples I mean cheek and chin dimples of course.


i imagine of dimples are very eye-catching. a guy that smiles shows that he has a superb humor and is functional. i love those characteristics in a guy. dimples and a white smile make him look possibility free… like slightly children smile on a guy face. i imagine of it particularly is extremely eye-catching on a guy. also the white teeth shows that he has solid hygiene and likely solid breath that is continually an income!!

I loooooove guys with dimples! They make them loook soooo cute!
I’m a ‘dimpled’ girl myself!

I love guys with Dimples… they are so cute.

Yeah! Its cute!

Answer 6

Yeahhh !

Answer 7

Awww! yes! they’re so adorable!

oooooohhhh yessssss…Its adorable! I melt every time

I think they’re cute.


All depends on the girl. I do ; )


yah it makes them adorable :]

Answer Prime

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