Please tell us more about yourself (350 characters max.)?

I’m applying for Rave (movie theater) online, & I have no idea what to write for this. I have some but it’s nowhere near 30 characters & I need to get this job. Please help!

•what movies you like to watch(hint you’re applying at a movie theater)
• if you have ever been to the theater once before.
(Remember to open your vocabulary when writing and that the uses the information from the application to see your experiences. For example if you applied at Starbucks and you previously worked at a cafe making coffee the would know you don’t need any help making their coffee.)
Good luck I hope you get the job.

Example: I am a people person and have very good customer service skills. I enjoy helping people and will go the extra mile to give excellent service in everything I do. I have/had a G.P.A. in school of 4.0. My hobbies are blah blah blah…

They just really want some basic info & are looking for someone who is good with people. You don’t need exactly 350 characters. Good luck! If you’ve had other job experience you may want to note that as well.


I have lived a life that sometimes I am not proud of and could do with a new direction in life. I was watching ” The Passion ” the other night and it showed the crucifixion and I am have now decided that I want to read the Bible and go to church because I need something else in my life. Maybe not fascinating but true for me.

**** pusssy but booty

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Please Tell Us About Yourself

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