Pathogens produce virulence factors primarily to ______.

Pathogens produce virulence factors primarily to ______. A. change its environment B. maintain temp and pH values C. cause disease D. out compete host cells for resources

In this question virulence factors are secreted by the bacterial
so that they can evade the host and fight against the host defense
mechanism. These virulence factors causing the activation of some
host enzymes that are non specific proteases and due to activation
of that protease cell wall get dissolved and bacterial attach and
colonize at that place. Virulence factors some time evade the host
immune system and some time suppresses the host immune system.
These factor helps to compete with host resource or defense.
Here correct answer is d.
Successful evasion may lead to disease and environmental changes
leads to biofilm formation that is done by quarum sensing.

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