Nydia gathered data by observing the cross section of the tree trunk that is shown below. nydia noted all the information below. which

Nydia gathered information by observing the cross part of the tree trunk that’s proven under. nydia famous all the data under. which assertion offers quantitative information? a number of the progress rings are wider than others. the tree was 20 years previous when it was minimize down. a forest hearth burned the tree through the years that it was alive. the widest progress rings point out years that had essentially the most rainfall.

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Quantitative information refers to information that gives statistical and numerical data concerning the subject material somewhat than generalized data. Within the reply selections above solely the second choice offers quantitative information within the type of a numerical worth i.e. “tree was 20 years previous”.

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i dont this one srry. Clarification:

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Quanitative refers to numbers. The one assertion that incorporates a numerical data is “the tree was 20 years previous when it was minimize down”. The opposite statements solely comprise qualitative data.

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the reply is b Clarification: eg 2020

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