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It’s been said that a novice is to an expert as an apprentice is to a union journeyman, neophyte sorcerer, beginner, and so on. A lot has changed since these analogies were first coined, but the underlying idea remains: There are many levels of expertise in the world, and each level requires different skills and knowledge. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’ve been working at it for some time, taking the time to learn more about the different levels of expertise can help you improve your overall skill set.

What is an Apprentice?

An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade or skill from someone more experienced. This could be someone who is working in a specific field, such as a carpenter, electrician, or plumber, or it could be someone who is learning a new skill, like cooking or knitting.

The term “journeyman” is sometimes used instead of “apprentice,” and refers to someone who has completed an apprenticeship and has the skills and experience to work independently. A “neophyte” is someone who is just starting out in a field, and a “sorcerer” is someone with special magical abilities.

What is a Journeyman?

A Journeyman is the most skilled of the trade journeyman. A Journeyman is a skilled craftsman who has completed a certain level of training, and has been certified by their union or guild. This means that they are able to do their job with less supervision and are able to take on more responsibility.

A Journeyman typically has 10 years experience in their field, which gives them the knowledge and skills needed to complete most tasks. They are also good at problem solving, as they have had to learn on their own and figure out how to do things correctly.

Being a Journeyman isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most respected positions in the trade. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to become a Journeyman, and many people don’t make it through the training program. But once they do, they’re set for life!

What is a Neophyte?

A neophyte is someone who is just starting out on a journey in their craft. They are still learning and exploring all they can about the trade they are pursuing. This may be something as simple as a new hobby, or it may be more serious, such as pursuing a career in music or art. A neophyte is also sometimes called an apprentice, journeyman, or novice.

What is a Sorcerer?

A sorcerer is a person who has learned how to use magic. They can do things like cast spells, control the weather, and even turn into animals. Sorcerers are sometimes called wizards.

What is a Beginner?

A beginner is someone who is just starting out in their chosen profession or hobby. They may have only done a few small things related to that profession or hobby, but they are still learning and expanding their knowledge. At the same time, an apprentice is someone who is working under the guidance of a more experienced professional. An experienced pro may be teaching, training, or managing an apprentice. A neophyte is someone who is just starting out in a new field of study or activity.

The Union-journeyman-neophyte-sorcerer-master model of skill acquisition

If you are a beginner in any skill area, your journey will likely be best served by following the model of Union-journeyman-neophyte-sorcerer. This model is primarily used in the field of magic, but it can be applied to just about any skill area. The first step on the journey to becoming an expert is to become a union-journeyman. This means that you have mastered the basics required to do the job at hand. As you continue your skills development, you will eventually become a neophyte. This is when you start learning new things and breaking new ground. Finally, you will reach the level of sorcerer and be able to do things that only a few people in the world are able to do.


This metaphor can be used to describe the learning process for many different things. In relation to learning how to dress well, it could be said that a novice is to an expert as an apprentice is to journeyman-neophyte-sorcerer-beginner. Just as there are steps you need take in order to become a master at your chosen craft, there are similar steps you need take in order to learn how to dress well. However, unlike becoming a master at your craft, dressing well does not come easy for most people and requires lots of practice and repetition. So if you’re looking for advice on how to dress better, keep reading because here at The New Rules of Dressing we have all the answers!


What is the difference between a novice, an expert, and a union journeyman?

A novice is to an expert as an apprentice is to a union journeyman. A novice is someone who is just starting out in their field of expertise, while an expert has years of experience under their belt. A union journeyman is someone who has completed an apprenticeship, and is now working towards becoming a professional in their field. A neophyte sorcerer is someone who has just begun their studies in magic, while a beginner is someone who has only taken a few introductory classes.

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