newegg declined my credit card?

Hey, i was buying some pc parts and added the option ” rush process ” it just basically processes your order faster…Then 2-3 minutes later i get an email saying my credit card was declined….I sent a message to newegg for order service asking them what the problem was. I then got a call from my bank asking me if i made a purchase at newegg i said yes and allowed the order. Will it process now?

ONLY your bank and NewEgg can answer that question.

Newegg Credit Card Declined

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Follow Echo’s advice, it’s excellent. But I disagree with one thing. If your parents have good credit, consider having them co-sign a credit card for you. That will look better then being an authorized user on their card. Other ideas…join a credit union. They are usually a little more willing to give credit, since they are a member owned bank and not out to make the big bucks that banks do. Apply for some loans. Secured loans look great on your credit. I was once in your position. I had a very good job. I paid cash for my car, and every time I used my credit card I paid it off at the end of the month. Many times I over paid so I had a negative balance. When I was 23 (this was back in 1978) I had saved $40k. I planned to put $20k as a down payment to a house, and spend the rest to buy furniture/appliances. Anything else I would buy on credit. I got turned down for a mortɡɑɡe! The reason? No credit history. They did not consider my single credit card history sufficient. Go figure! I finally managed to convince them I was a good credit risk. But I learned my lesson. Now I tell people to get their kids a credit card at 16 (have the parents co-sign). Keep the limit to $200 so they don’t screw up. That way, by the time you are 20 you have established a 5 year credit history and will have no problem getting more credit.

Call newegg back right away to check the status of your order.
Call your bank to see if the funds have been withdrawn and make sure it was only applied once.
Newegg may have needed to reapply the query to your bank, make sure with them that it wasn’t ordered twice.

The CC Company did not recognize the vendor so it stop payment till it could verify with you.
This is Fraud prevention. Happens a lot lately especially when you get a new computer

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