Moving to Sunbelt States: What You Need to Know

Some people enjoy the seasons, and others are content with it being sunny and warm year round. If you’ve decided to go the sunny route and move south into one of the sunbelt states from a more northern state, there are different things to expect. The sunbelt states are very popular places to move, and for good reasons. Warmer climates mean being able to enjoy sunnier days throughout the year without it ever getting too cold. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you move. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Climates are Different Across the States

Even though the sunbelt consists of 18 states across the southern U.S., each region is going to be vastly different. For example, Miami, Florida is going to have a very different climate than that of San Diego, California. Just because you like the sun and the warmth doesn’t mean you’re going to love every area differently. Decide what type of climate you enjoy and make your decisions from there. If you’re an ocean person who enjoys rainfall and thunderstorms, a coastal Florida town might suit you. If you’re more apt for dry, desert conditions, Arizona might be your place to go.

Prices Differ Depending on the Area

The sunbelt states have been becoming increasingly popular, but some areas are more sought after than others. For instance, even though all of Texas is in the sunbelt, not every area is particularly popular. Larger cities, like Austin, are going to be more popular and therefore more expensive than other rural towns. It’s important to keep price in mind, especially if you’re selling your house. Prices across the 18 sunbelt states are about as variable as their climates. Do your research and choose somewhere that fits your price point while also having the type of weather that you please.

Warmer Doesn’t Always Mean Better Weather

Just because a place is warm and sunny doesn’t mean that the weather is nicer. Everywhere has different weather patterns that can wreak havoc. The eastern, coastal regions experience a hurricane season that can cause flooding and a whole array of damage. Further, the western states often get hit with wildfires that can cause a lot of air quality issues. No place is perfect all of the time when it comes to weather, and you’ll want to keep any of these extreme weather conditions in mind when you buy a home in the sunbelt.

A Variety of Home Styles

We’ve mentioned that weather, climate, and pricing would vary across the sunbelt states, but the style of homes will also be very different. This keeps things unique and fun. Architectural differences across the sunbelt states are noticeable, and choosing a spot might mean committing to a certain style of home. If this is important to you, be sure to do some research on the local housing markets in different states and cities. 

If you want to move to a sunbelt state, keep in mind that every area is going to be different in quite a few ways. Understand what’s important to you in a home and in an area, and make your decisions based on that. Once you find your new sunny oasis that fits your needs, you’ll be able to soak in the endless summer.

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