Helpful Online Tools for Business in 2024

Business management might be challenging for you but still, I assure you is not hectic with the use of the right of business online business tools. Every business owner to have its operations functional at the desired level with minimal investment of time and money. To make this way smooth for businesses – I’ve decided to build a list of the top five tools to consider for managing mighty or repetitive tasks. These tools ranged from simple to complex, able to operate every kind of task for any online business.

1- Slack

Slack is a communication tool specially to promote a collaborative environment between organizations.  Business teams regardless of their size can exchange their ideas, files, and information in real-time with Slack channels. The seamless collaboration extends versatile internal and external communication. Various options are available for users to change their writing style and format i.e. in bold, italics, and code format, as well as design and format messages for emphasis. It is just like a modern tool as it promotes efficient teamwork, streamlines communication, and facilitates quick access to shared resources. Teamwork becomes more productive and smoother with the help of Slack.

Pricing of Slack:

  • Free for beginners: $0/m
  • Pro for small teams: $7.25/m
  • Business+ with efficient features: $12.50/m
  • Plan for enterprises: Customized

2- OnlineOCR

OnlineOCR is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool known for its minimalist interface and efficient image to text converter capabilities. It particularly works for English language content but also can extract image-to-text the content of other 46 languages included in its database, German, French, Brazilian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Estonian, and many others. Users can employ this online service to extract text from PDFs and images. Images with a maximum size of 15MB in PDF, PNG, JPG, and others can be converted into MS Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, RTF, or simple text to copy. The tool contributes to faster document processing, and data entry and also enhances data accuracy, leading to better decision-making.

Pricing of OnlineOCR:

Luckily, this is the only tool in our list with an effective workability that is free to use. Businesses can convert five images in an hour. Furtherly, for more image-to-text extraction you need to sign up on this platform.

3- Hotjar

Hotjar is a comprehensive product experience insights platform, used by over 290,532 companies worldwide with the vast majority in the US. It is featured by tools like user feedback, behavior analytics, and heatmaps to enhance the overall user experience. It has evolved into an intuitive software solution with features like session recordings, surveys, and analytics to support businesses in recognizing how users interact with their websites or apps. The budget-friendly plans of Hostjar are filled with its commitment to value for money and ease of use. Businesses can leverage the power of this tool to gain valuable insights about user behavior and promote their digital experiences.

Pricing of HostJar:

  • Basic plan for beginners: $0/forever
  • Plus plan for small companies: $32/m
  • Business plan for growing companies: $80/m
  • Scale plan for experts: $171/m

4- Trello

Trello was created by Atlassian and has a lot of similarities with Jira – both were created at the same time. Trello is a versatile visual project management tool for teams to organize, manage, and collaborate on various projects, workflows, or tasks effectively.  Users can create boards for projects and populate those with customizable lists and cards to break down tasks and track progress. Use cases by different businesses highlighted that Trello tends to simplify work management to personal organization. Trello has support to enhance collaboration through the addition of files, checklists, and automation. Development and design projects, editorial calendars, event planning, and personal goal tracking are considerably high use cases of this tool. For individuals and companies seeking an intuitive collaboration tool for projects, it is one of the best software. Your team’s current plans will be laid out for you in little tables that are organized by work category.

Pricing of Trello:

  • Free for project organization: $0
  • Standard plan for small teams: $5/m
  • Premium plan with plenty of features: $10/m
  • Enterprise plan with more security: $17.50

5- Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a prominent social media management tool to publish, schedule, and create on social media. Businesses can manage and enhance their social media presence with its easy engagement, tracking, and analytics tools. You can connect all your social media business accounts i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and X for collective posting. Sprout Social delivers expert views and predictions about any new algorithm or strategy update. The platform also updates the analytics of the post-performance, reach, and growth rate for your social pages. It also organizes webinars and reviews for social media lessons, predictions, and customer service statistics.

Pricing of Sprout Social:

  • Standard Plan for five social profiles: $249/m
  • Professional Plan for unlimited social profiles: $399/m
  • Advanced plan with AI assistance: $499/m
  • Enterprise plan for unlimited usage: Customized


The use of helpful tools for business in 2024 is indispensable for businesses to stay up in the competitive marketplace. Researchers claimed that only those companies focused on early adaptation of technology to streamline their operations are growing at an unexpected rate. The curated article discusses five helpful tools that are essential for overcoming diverse business needs.

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