Men and Women of the Civil War Crossword?

i’m stuck on a few questions on a civil war crossword. it would be greatly appreciated if you could help. thanks!

-confederate nurse 6 letters ( I believe) Canant
union spy who disguised herself as a man and fought in the battle of bull run 4 letters (I believe) Rose
-last confederate general to surrender 5 letters Stand Watie
-confederate leader at shiloh 7 letters Ulysses
-confederate leader at chickamauga 4 letters hood or polk
-confederate general at bull run 6 letters Thomas
union leader at chancellorsville 6 letters Joseph

Civil War Crossword

Sarah Edmonds desguise herself as a male to fight in bullrun
nurses i could only tink of sally tompkins, Kate Cumming and Ada W. Bacot
last confederate general to surrender-Watie
leader at shiloh Generals Albert Sidney Johnston and P. G. T. Beauregard
chickamauga Braxton Bragg
bull run there are two battles of bull run but i tink the answer is robert as in Robert E. Lee
The union leader was Major General Joe Hooker at chancellorsville

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