meaning of better die with honor than live with shame?

i want a little expansion of this proverb: better die with honor than live with shame

First you must understand the true definition of honor, and not what Hollywood and prison inmates have made of the word. An honorable person is a person with strong morals and ethics. In other words living with honor is being a very honest and upright person in your dealings with everyone and everything. It is the essence of your soul. To be stripped of this is to be shamed before the world and proven to be a person of low, or no morals and ethics. This would be a despicable person. So it is better to die with you honor intact than live with the shame of disgrace before yourself, your loved ones and the world. Don’t sell your soul to anyone.

These are not two sides of a coin. Someone could die with shame and live with honor.

It’s better to die with honor than to live with shame means that it is better to die for a cause than to live for nothing.

Give something all of your effort and if you die doing so then it is better than living on knowing that you did not do your best and have to live with the fact you did not give it your all.

you’re confusing faith with nationality. Honor killings have no longer something to do with the Muslim faith! they’d desire to do with a backward village subculture in some worldwide places. it quite is like judging Christianity by using watching all abusers who’ve overwhelmed and killed their different halves and who’re of Christian faith. Killing isn’t O.ok. in any faith!

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Personally, I’d rather be a live coward then a dead hero.

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why go to hell because you know you are wrong,how is that dying with honor.

This is a saying by Hussain ibne Ali (the grandson of Prophet Muhamad). He said that while addressing his companions on the night of 9th day of Muharram (Islamic month), just a day before he and his family, even a 6 month old son, were brutely killed by the army of Yazeed bin Muawiyah. He, his sons, brothers and companions were killed as they refused to pay allegiance to the Yazeed, who was a cruel man and instead they preferred to die with honor. 10 Muharram is celebrated every year by Shi’ite Muslims all around the world and the place where this event tool place was Karbala, Iraq.

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