is there a book called The Littlest Unicorn?

I saw this book on a t.v show a couple days ago and I wonderded if it was real book or was it made up specificlly for that show? So is it a real book?I love to read so now this is going to bug me.Is this book real?

My elementary school library had “The Littlest Unicorn”. The illustrations were spectacular. I have been unable to find a copy of it anywhere.

There is a book called The Littlest Unicorn but it’s an Ebook and i read the description for it and it was nothing like the book on Good Luck Charlie. Yeah that’s right I know the show it was on.

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Yes, it is on Google.

It’s probably made up for good luck Charlie since we do not know who the author of the Book is.

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The Last Unicorn: Peter S. Beagle
s it is

No there is not.It is a fictional book from the tv series Good Luck Charlie which I am guessing is where your heard of that book.There is a book called the Last Unicorn but it is not based on the same plot.

I can’t find any book with that exact title.

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Yes, it is on Google.

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