Is the 2008 Schwinn 2.0 Ditch DH Full Suspension a good mountain bike for $325?

Just as soon as you put that Schwinn bike on any trail and ride it you have VOIDED any warranty that came with the bike. Dept store so called “full suspension” anything is not made for any kind of ridding other than on paved surfaces and they dont do too well on that for very long without constant maintenance. Like the other answers say your money would be much better spent on a bike shop quality hardtail which would be an all around better way to spend that $300+ dollars you have now. You will be disappointed if you get that Schwinn!

Source(s): PBS sales associate in VA

No, a good full suspension bike will start at $900. That Schwinn is going to be very inefficient and will feel like you are riding with flat tires. Get a shop quality hard-tail bike for a little more money.

In this case you’re better off getting a hardtail instead of full suspension. Decent full suspension bikes start close to $900+
That rear suspension is pretty much useless, it just adds extra weight. They use it as a marketing practice because it looks cool. These bikes will break if you take them off-road. I broke a similar walmart bike when I first started riding.

You can get good entry level hardtail for that much.
I had a friend that had something like this and it rode well.…
You can probably find one for a little less if you shop around.

I made this same mistake a few years ago and ended up breaking the frame in half going down a big drop. I am not saying not to get one, but for mountain biking go for an entry level hardtail. If you do get one, be prepaired to get another bike after that.

cheap but ride till it dies.

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