Is it okay to eat the paper under a nougat bar?

I got a “Quaranta Nougat Passion”, which is a bar of soft nougat with nuts and things, and although i ate the whole thing last time, i read online that the thin paper-like layer right at the bottom (it’s white, smooth and thin) is not supposed to be eaten, but i managed to eat it the other time. Am I supposed to ᴘᴇᴇl it off first?

Well I usually eat it but if I were u I would ᴘᴇᴇk it off

if it is not to be eaten i suggest do not eat it but i am very sure it can not be deadly. I had a habit of eating small pepers when i was young, weird right, that did not kill me, so you will live.

it was probably meant to be pealed off, but it wouldn’t kill you to eat it, that kind of thing is always non-toxic.

enjoy yourself, eat it.

It’s meant to be eaten it’s Rice Paper and very edible
*Eat it with the Nougat btw

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