Is it “lla me voy” or “ya me voy”?

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My co-worker made a flyer for a soon to be departing other co-worker. We are having a happy hour send-off for her. At the top, to be festive, he wrote “Lla me voy”. I told him it was wrong, and should be “ya me voy” because in Spanish that means I’m leaving already (now). Which is correct?

it’s “ya me voy” actually
never heard of “lla”, maybe it’s on purpose and it’s supposed to be a hidden message?!

Definitively, it’s “ya me voy”.
But it doesn’t sound strange to me because a lot of native speakers make exactly such mistakes. The sounds of “y” and “ll” are so similar, as the sounds of “b” and “v” too that they can’t distinguish them. These are very common mistakes. Also, to ommit the “h” at the beginning of a word because they don’t say it. Someone who speaks the language but never has been taught in school (because he grew up in a foreign country) will never hear the difference.

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Whoever made the flyer is probably a Spanish language-learner, and it’s a common mistake, mostly because the double l in Spanish (ll) makes the same sound that y does in English. It’s not uncommon to get the two confused, but “ya” is correct.

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Is it “lla me voy” or “ya me voy”?

While both expressions mean “I’m leaving,” lla me voy is used when you’re leaving someone or something behind, while ya me voy implies that you’re taking something with you. Learn when to use each phrase with this guide!

The difference between

“Lla me voy” and “ya me voy” is that the former means “I’m leaving now” while the latter translates to “I’m already leaving”. While both phrases convey the same message, “lla me voy” is more commonly used in Spain.

When to use each phrase

If you’re ever unsure about whether to use “lla me voy” or “ya me voy,” remember that they both mean “I’m leaving” in Spanish. The main difference is in the context in which they’re used. “Ya me voy” is more commonly used when you’re leaving a place permanently, while “lla me voy” is more commonly used when you’re leaving for a short period of time.

Here are some examples of how to use each phrase:

“Lla me voy de vacaciones.” (I’m going on vacation.)
“Ya me voy a vivir a otro país.” (I’m moving to another country.)

Remember, if you’re ever unsure which phrase to use, you can always fall back on ” ya me voy.” It’s the more versatile of the two phrases and can be used in most situations where you’re leaving.

Examples of each phrase in use

“Llévame a casa, por favor. Ya me voy.”
“Take me home, please. I’m leaving now.”

“Estoy cansado. Llevo toda la noche trabajando. Voy a dormir un poco.”
“I’m tired. I’ve been working all night. I’m going to sleep for a while.”


When deciding whether to use “lla me voy” or “ya me voy”, it is important to consider the context of the situation. If you are stating that you are leaving soon, “ya me voy” is the correct choice. However, if you are emphasizing that you are leaving and will not be back, “lla me voy” is the better option. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and which phrase sounds better in the sentence.

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