Is it illegal to cut someone off while driving?

I know it’s not a good thing to do, but is it illegal?

Yes. It is reckless driving. Could be reckless endangerment if done on purpose. But if they can prove that you did it on purpose, your lawyer is a moron.

Depending how the cop sees it really! It sucks that its a judgement call. If you switch lanes too fast it is reckless or if you get too close. If you have ample distance but the person you are cutting off is going much faster than you technically you cut them off but a cop might see it as just merging or switching lanes

Yes it is.

It depends on what you mean by cutting someone off. An illegal maneuver is an illegal maneuver, regardless. Every driver is required by law to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. If you force someone else to take evasive action, like braking or swerving, then you are operating recklessly, and that is illegal.

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