Is a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp sign woman compatible with a Gemini man?

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it would just fine if the scorpio/sagittarius woman can control their emotions because i have seen a potential relationship between a gemini man and scorpio/sagittarius cusp but it ended badly because the scorpio/sagittarius woman are too impulsive and pushing while the gemini as we all know always here and there…. hard to make a decision.

understandings and flexibility is needed between these two signs to make it work.

Scorpio Sagittarius Compatibility

I’m nov 17th and my ex boyfriend, june 3rd were the best couple there was, we were so close & confided in everything we do & we just knew each other on every level. he was my best friend…but at this time, we are split up and i’m pregnant with our 3rd child together. he cheated. i love him but i need to be away from him as much as possible. i need to know that we are meant for each other for the long run…i think that he was jealous of the thingz i do when i went out (before i was pregnant) and things i love doing for fun. he’d tell me to go out & have fun but secretly would be upset when i have too much fun. we actually had lots of crazy fun together during our good moments. if you & your boyfriend are on the same page and spend time together as well as respect each other spaces as u need to, i believe that this union would last forever. there will be bouts of fights & arguments here and there, but that’s what helps the relationship grows. i believe sometime down the road, my man will come back to me, i don’t know but i do know that in our hearts, we do miss each other terribly.


Im a scorp sag male, i get along with a Tauris gemini female. Though she is extremely possessive. She will worship u

Usually not a good match, but the Sag thing will help, b/c of the fire sign element. This will be a difficult relationship depending on a lot of factors. How possessive is the Scorpio. How entrusting are they. Do they mind a partner who goes w/ the wind and is all over the place? How laid back is the Gemini?

I’m a Scorpio and have never really been able to sustain lasting relationships w/ Geminis. We are just too different. Then again, anything is possible in love.

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