In Harry Potter 6 what does “Dumbledore’s man through and through” mean?

inside 6th guide that saying turns up on web page 348 and 357.

If the minister states it to Harry, he implies that it is kind of an insult…he’s wanting to mean that Harry is simply Dumbledore’s puppet, that Harry cannot believe for himself or make any choices by himself. Whenever Harry repeats it and takes pleasure when you look at the recommendation, it is because he understands that becoming Dumbledore’s guy truly ensures that he is on right-side. He trusts Dumbledore entirely, and then he’s steadfast and faithful. The biggest thing in regards to the expression is just how it is designed to sting Harry and then make him concern their dedication to Dumbledore and Dumbledore’s type of reasoning, however it fails…but i believe everybody knows so it herbs a seed of question that springs up later on.

Dumbledore Meaning

Through-and-through Indicating

Scringeour ensures that Harry is fiercely faithful to Dumbledore. And would do-nothing for Ministry to betray their trust.

It simply ensures that if men and women believe that Harry is dumbledores dog he’s completely fine thereupon.

Answer 6

it essentially ensures that harry is going to do such a thing for dumbledore, and vise versa. it ensures that harry will simply follow dumbledore with no one else, because he is sorts of dumbledore’s dog.

Answer 7

He listens and does things for Dumbledore and won’t betray him

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