In Harry Potter 6 what does “Dumbledore’s man through and through” mean?

In the sixth book that saying shows up on page 348 and 357.

When the minister says it to Harry, he means it to be sort of an insult…he’s trying to imply that Harry is just Dumbledore’s puppet, that Harry can’t think for himself or make any decisions on his own. When Harry repeats it and takes pride in the suggestion, it’s because he recognizes that being Dumbledore’s man really means that he’s on the right side. He trusts Dumbledore completely, and he’s steadfast and loyal. The important thing about the phrase is how it’s meant to sting Harry and make him question his commitment to Dumbledore and Dumbledore’s line of thinking, but it doesn’t work…but I think we all know that it plants a seed of doubt that springs up later.

Dumbledore Meaning

Through And Through Meaning

Scringeour means that Harry is fiercely loyal to Dumbledore. And would do nothing for the Ministry to betray his trust.

It just means that if people think that Harry is dumbledores pet he is perfectly okay with that.

Answer 6

it basically means that harry will do anything for dumbledore, and vise versa. it also means that harry will only follow dumbledore and no one else, because he’s kind of dumbledore’s pet.

Answer 7

He listens and does things for Dumbledore and will not betray him

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