I have an air ratchet that blows air out the exhaust instead of the head turning. Any knowledge appreciated.?

I’m a novice with air tools. This is an Ingersol Rand 107 Xp air ratchet. Air just blows through the exhaust when the trigger is depressed. I am not sure if it’s the ratchet or my compressor doesn’t create enough cfm to operate it. My impact wrench works fine which leads me to think the ratchet is the problem. Any advice and knowledge about air tools will be greatly appreciated. Thanks………….Dave

Most if not all air tools operate with vane motors< (paddles). Air tool oil as suggested by some one before is not a bad place to start. The vanes can get stuck in the rotating block that houses them and not move back out to follow the outside surface of the motor. It is really about the only thing that could cause the phenomenon.

Make sure the directional changer is full engaged one way or the other. Put in some air tool oil.

oil is the first step,,,if that doesn’t work, disassemble from the rear, vanes will be stuck,,,,clean well, dry, be sure to remove rust from vane chamber, and check to see that vanes slide freely from in and out of the driven rotor. Oil frequently in use, store in dry place….good luck

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