how much does a 130 gr. 270 winchester bullet drop at 1000 yards?

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with factory ammo (winchester 130 gr, the kind with silver cases and black bullets, the name escapes me at the moment)

Caliber: 270 Winchester, Standard barrel length, 130 grain BTSP (Spitzer) bullet, BC = .412, MV = 3,000 fps, Zeroed @ 300 yards, Drop at 500 yards = 30 inches (2.5 feet). With an increased MV of 3,200 fps the 130 grain BTSP bullet drop at 1,000 yards = 284 inches (23.66 feet).

Source(s): Speer #14, Page #1114…

270 Bullet Trajectory

Its going to depend on the load, i dont have your in particular, but somewhere in the area of 7.5 feet. At 500 yards (the longest range in tables i can find) its around 40 inches.

It would be ineffective for anything but target use at that range anyway. Dont forget that even a gentle breeze is going to throw that bullet many feet off course too.

Source(s): Added: nice work glock dr.- the load i looked up dropped 40inches at 500.

About 7 feet underground. The other guy there hit it on the head at 40 inches low when sighted in at 100 yards, it will be 40 inches low at 500. The tables only go to 500. But,,,, if you were to sight it in at 500 yards, it would still hit the ground at 1000. If you make an arc line from the muzzle, with a straight line being line of sight, you start at 100 yards, + 7.5 inches, then 200 yards,+12.8 inches, then 300 yards, +13.9, then 400 yards, +10 inches, just keep that line going past your line of sight, zero at 500, then on to the ground. Check it out.

Source(s): I could write a book.

Depends on your zero. If zeroed at 300 it drops 22.90 feet. If you have an Ipod just download the LetFlyDlx App. But I wouldnt recommend a shot that long with that round. You’d have to shoot a 150 gr. Ballistic tip. The STX Supreme is a good choice but not recommended to shoot that far unless you are a damn good shot with one heck of an uphill advantage.

Source(s): LetFlyDlx App from Ipod App store

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how much does a 130 gr. 270 winchester bullet drop at 1000 yards?

Ever wondered how much a 130 gr. 270 Winchester bullet dropped at 1000 yards? Wonder no more, thanks to the wonders of modern technology! Using data from various shooting ranges around the world, we can figure out exactly how much energy each bullet produces at different distances. Armed with this information, you can better understand why certain bullets perform better at specific ranges, and make informed decisions when choosing your ammunition.

What is a 130 gr. 270 Winchester Bullet?

A 130 gr. 270 Winchester bullet will drop at an approximate yardage of 2900 feet per second, according to data from Hornady. This means that a 130 gr. 270 Winchester bullet will travel about 2165 feet before it reaches the ground.

What are the specifications of a 130 gr. 270 Winchester Bullet?

The specifications of a 130 gr. 270 Winchester Bullet can vary depending on the brand and type of ammunition. However, in general, these bullets are designed to travel at a speed of around 2,700 feet per second and to retain most of their energy after impact.

How does a 130 gr. 270 Winchester Bullet perform?

A 130-grain 270 Winchester bullet will drop at an average of 1,070 feet per second at yards from a rifle barrel. This means that the 130-grain bullet will hit the ground approximately 17 feet before hitting any solid object.

What is the drop distance at 1000 yards with a 130 gr. 270 Winchester Bullet?

The 130 gr. 270 Winchester bullet has a drop distance of 2,080 feet at 1000 yards.

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