How long do I have to keep the bandage on after IV removal?

I had an iv put in my hand when I got my colonoscopy/ endoscopy. They put the usual gauze and medical tape on it. Now I’m just wondering how long I have to leave it on for.

Not too long when your out take it off

It’s nothing more than the little gauze bandage that they always place over the site of the IV, to catch any of the few little drops of blood that might leak from your vein, in order to keep the drops from maybe staining your clothes. Any “leaking” the vein is doing will cease in just a few minutes, and you can take the bandage off in one hour, or whenever you want to do so. When you take the bandage off, if you notice that it is still dripping (it probably won”t be), then just slap a Band-Aid on it.

usually from 30 minute to 4 hours, call the place and ASK

Between 5 minutes and 5 days, depending on your health care professional’s instructions.

1-2 hours is fine

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Until it won’t bleed anymore… I’d guess about an hour. If you take it off and it bleeds, put another one (or a band aid) back on.

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