How do you use an iactivecard?

I received an iactivecard when we bough Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, but it had no instruction how to use it; or what it is for? Another yahoo user mentioned that it made a funny sound when they put it in a PC:

Insert into CD player on your computer. There is a small ridge on the bottom that enɡɑɡes the mini-disk depression. The sound is different than a full size disk. When it spins up you will see a flash player home page for several games. Some of them require internet connection. You may not see anything if you don’t have flash player installed. Pretty simple games but it may enɡɑɡe you for a few minutes.

Years ago it was an innovation to have a business card similar to this that would incorporate in-depth information on your company. That has pretty much been supplanted by web pages. This appears to be an effort to repurpose the technology into gift cards etc.


Call Target!

Same thing here, does anyone know what this card is?

Know good answers on the entire web…..puzzled


Answer Prime

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