How do I fix this error? (xvidcore.dll not found).

If you are encountering the error message “xvidcore.dll not found” on your Windows computer, it means that the Xvid codec, which is required to play certain video files, is missing or corrupted. This error can occur due to various reasons, such as a virus infection, outdated drivers, or a faulty installation of a media player.

Here are some steps you can take to fix the xvidcore.dll error:

1. Reinstall the Xvid codec: The easiest way to fix this error is to reinstall the Xvid codec. You can download the latest version of the codec from the official Xvid website and install it on your computer.

2. Update your media player: If you are using a media player that is outdated or incompatible with the Xvid codec, you may encounter this error. Try updating your media player to the latest version or switching to a different player that supports Xvid.

3. Scan your computer for viruses: Malware infections can cause DLL errors, including the xvidcore.dll error. Use a reliable antivirus program to scan your computer and remove any viruses or malware that may be causing the error.

4. Update your drivers: Outdated or corrupted drivers can also cause DLL errors. Make sure that your graphics card and other hardware drivers are up to date.

5. Use a DLL repair tool: If none of the above methods work, you can try using a DLL repair tool to fix the xvidcore.dll error. These tools can automatically scan your computer for missing or corrupted DLL files and replace them with working versions.

In conclusion, the xvidcore.dll error can be frustrating, but it is usually easy to fix. By following the above steps, you should be able to resolve the issue and play your video files without any problems.


In conclusion, fixing the xvidcore.dll error is a straightforward process that involves reinstalling the Xvid codec, updating your media player, scanning your computer for viruses, updating your drivers, or using a DLL repair tool. By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the error and enjoy your video files without any issues. If you encounter any further problems, don’t hesitate to seek further assistance.

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