Has anyone found out if 14kSG is real or not?

14K Gold is 58.3% Gold and the remainder is Ag, Cu or Pd. Gold has a SpG of 19.32 while the SpG of Ag, Cu and Pd = 10.5, 8.96 and 12.02. Determine the SpG of the item (water displacement method, 20 C). The value should be in the 14 to 16.5 g/mL if the item is solid (and not plated) 14K Gold.

14kSG means 14 karat solid gold. That doesn’t mean pure gold, just that the jewelry is solid gold, not plated. 14 karat is 58.5% gold. I can’t tell if your jewelry is really 14 karat, anybody can stamp “14kSG” on a piece. Take it to a jeweler if you really want to know

its gold plated or filled what ever you want to call it. It is not Solid Gold!

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