Has anyone been watching the “dr phil family” Does anyone know alexandra and katherines last name?

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Here’s a news story about them that tells their full names are Alexandra Harrelson and Katherine Stehl

I think the truth should come out to every one, even the ꜱρєɾɱ donor of the child. DNA should clear that man of financial responsibility to the child. And it should be up to him whether he still want to be a “daddy” to the little girl. He has been hurt emotionally now and I think it would be very hard to face the child and the mother, especially, after knowing the truth. He may have a bond with the child so therefore, he may keep in contact with her, but he should NOT be held liable for her financially. The real dad should be contacted. He should know the truth. The courts should make him pay for this child. But he should not owe back support because he never knew a baby existed. He should start paying as of now. If they cannot find the real dad, then mom should suffer in the bed she made- because she lied to everyone involved- and mom should be a single mom without help from either the real dad or the “father figure” in the girl’s life. She should not have lied. Look at all the problems she caused for everyone. I feel sorry for the little girl. She probably feels lost and abandoned. And can’t trust her mom anymore.

Alexandra Stehl

Alexandra Harrelson

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Has anyone been watching the “dr phil family” Does anyone know alexandra and katherines last name?

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Dr. Phil is disgusting for blatently profiting from a child’s misfortune.

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Has anyone been watching the “dr phil family” Does anyone know alexandra and katherines last name?

You’ve probably seen their show on tv – Dr Phil and his family. You may have even been curious about one of the family members – Alexandra or Katherine. In this article, we’re looking for out if anyone knows their last name. So far, we haven’t had any luck finding it out!

What is the “Dr Phil Family”

Everyone is familiar with Dr. Phil, but what about his family? Dr. Phil has three children with his first wife, Alexandra. His two children with his second wife, Katherine, are Alex and Kaitlyn. What is the last name of Alex and Kaitlyn? It’s not clear! There have been several reports that suggest their last name is “Davis,” but no one can be sure for sure. If you know the answer to this question, please leave a comment below!

Alexandra and Katherine Phil

Has anyone been watching the “dr phil family”? Alexandra and Katherine Phil are the daughters of Dr. Phil McGraw, who is most famous for his show “Dr. Phil” which airs on CBS. The sisters have had their share of drama on the show, most notably when Alexandra was arrested for shoplifting and Katherine was accused of staging a fight in order to get her parents’ attention. In light of these events, we wanted to know what everyone thinks about the Phil family.

Some people feel that the siblings are troubled and need help, while others think that they are simply acting out because they are not getting enough attention from their parents. What do you think?

Alexandra and Katherine’s last name

Has anyone been watching the “dr phil family”? Does anyone know alexandra and katherines last name? Alexandra and Katherine have been featured on the show for a few years now, but their last name has remained a mystery to viewers. In fact, it was only after Reddit users started sleuthing that the sisters revealed that their last name is Philpot.

Apparently, Alexandra and Katherine’s parents divorced when they were young, and their father took their mother’s surname. As a result, Alexandra and Katherine were raised as Alex and Kate Philpot. After their parents’ separation, the sisters moved around a lot and didn’t have much contact with each other. They reunited when they both moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting careers.

Now that the veil of secrecy has been lifted, Alexandra and Katherine seem to be doing well career-wise. But they still keep in touch with each other and enjoy spending time together. In fact, they recently made an appearance on “Dr. Phil” to discuss their relationship and parenting struggles. Hopefully, their story will lead to more insight into the last name mystery for fans of the show!


I hope that this article on the “dr phil family” has provided you with some information that will help you understand what is happening on your favorite show. I have been watching the show for years and it was exciting to see such a big change happen in Phil’s life recently. I am interested in finding out more about Alexandra and Katherine, but I have not been able to find out their last name. Has anyone else been investigating this? Let us know in the comments below!

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