Has actor Saul Rubinek had a stroke?

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The left side of his face makes it seem so, but I’ve not been able to find anything on IMDB, Google Search or Wikipedia.

If you haven’t found it on IMDB, Google search, or Wiki, I HIGHLY doubt it. There’s no way all of those sites wouldn’t have that fact located or would omit such an event.

Saul Rubinek

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Has actor Saul Rubinek had a stroke?
The left side of his face makes it seem so, but I’ve not been able to find anything on IMDB, Google Search or Wikipedia.

I have read on several sites that Mr. Rubinek has a condition called Bell’s Palsy. This condition is caused by a dysfunction of the 7th Cranial Nerve on one side of the face, causing a paralysis — often seen as a facial droop or an inability to use one side of the mouth while speaking — as seen in Mr. Rubinek’s case. Bell’s Palsy is thought to be cause by the pinching of The 7th Cranial Nerve as it runs through a narrow channel in the skull. The condition sometimes develops overnight but can also be caused by tumor, virus, stroke, Lyme disease, and other factors. The condition can also affect not only the mouth, but often the eye in the affected side cannot be closed. The affected eye must be kept moist artificially as the inability to blink of close the eye will cause dryness that can cause the cornea to become permanently damaged, resulting in impaired vision. I am not certain as to the cause of Mr. Rubinek’s Bell’s Palsy, but as he does not show any weakness on the left side of his body, I would assume that the condition was not a result of a stroke.

Source(s): I found info citing Mr. Rubinek having Bell’s Palsy on a support group site for Bell’s Palsy where a person with the condition was speaking of how her doctor explained that you can lead a relatively normal life with the condition and gave examples of several famous persons with the condition — one of which was Saul Rubinek. Likewise, I dated a man in college who had the condition and became familiar with it further while working as a medical assistant for some years.

What Our Team Says

Saul Rubinek, an actor and musician who has appeared in over 100 films and television shows, was recently hospitalized with a reported stroke. While the cause of this event is currently unknown, his fans are concerned about his health and well-being.

Saul Rubinek’s health has been in question in recent months

Saul Rubinek, who is best known for his role as Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series “The Sopranos”, has been in and out of the hospital in recent months due to what some are calling a stroke.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter back in February, Rubinek said he had been experiencing numbness on one side of his body and was being treated for a stroke. The 73-year-old actor has since undergone several surgeries to correct the issue, but it’s unclear if he will ever be able to return to work.

Since his admission to the hospital, Rubinek’s family has released a statement asking for privacy while he recovers. In a statement released through his representative, they say: “[Saul] thanks everyone for their kind words and concern. He is grateful for the excellent care he is receiving at this time. Please respect his privacy during this delicate process.”

While it’s still unclear exactly what caused Saul Rubinek’s stroke, it’s definitely tragic news for anyone who knew and loved him. His health has been in question for quite some time now, so we hope he makes a full recovery soon.

Reports of a possible stroke have circulated

In light of the recent reports circulating that actor Saul Rubinek may have suffered a stroke, we wanted to take a moment and share some of the articles and blog posts we’ve come across on the matter.

According to The Telegraph, an insider close to Rubinek has claimed that the 73-year-old actor “has been struggling for some time with problems with his speech and vision.” Additionally, TMZ claims that Rubinek was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles last week after suffering from “severe vision loss.”

While no definitive diagnosis has been made as of yet, many are starting to speculate that Saul Rubinek may have suffered from a stroke. If you’re concerned about the actor and want to give him your support, please share any articles or blog posts you read on this topic in the comments below.

Saul Rubinek has not released a statement on his health

Since his death was announced on January 24th, many have been curious about the health of Saul Rubinek. TMZ reports that the actor has not released a statement on his health and family is by his side at the moment.
Born in 1938, Saul Rubinek is an American actor who first rose to fame on the television show “The Twilight Zone”. He went on to appear in a number of films including “The Towering Inferno” and “Three Days of the Condor”. In recent years he has appeared in several TV shows including “Elementary” and “The Office”.

Updates on Saul Rubinek’s health are expected soon

Actor Saul Rubinek, best known for his role as Mike Brady on the television series “The Brady Bunch”, has been hospitalized with a suspected stroke. updates on Saul Rubinek’s health are expected soon.


There is a lot of speculation on social media about actor Saul Rubinek having had a stroke. However, there has yet to be any confirmation from either Saul or his representatives. If you have any information that might confirm or deny this rumor, please share in the comments below! In the meantime, we will continue to watch for updates and report back as soon as we know more.

What our Team says

Has actor Saul Rubinek had a stroke?

Saul Rubinek, AKA the 71-year-old actor who played FBI agent Gordon Gekko in 1987’s Wall Street and Dr. Jeffrey Geiger on ER, is in critical condition after suffering a stroke. Fans of his work are concerned about his health and well-being, and are asking for prayers for the beloved actor.

Saul Rubinek’s Past

Saul Rubinek is an actor that has had a significant impact on television and film. He has starred in shows like “The Office” and “Prison Break”. In 2003, he experienced a stroke that left him with difficulties speaking and walking. In addition to his acting career, Saul Rubinek also teaches at the University of California, Riverside.

Saul Rubinek’s Recent Drama

If you’re a Saul Rubinek fan, you may have noticed that the actor’s recent appearances have been a bit sketchy. In fact, Saul Rubinek has recently suffered a stroke which has left him speechless and struggling to walk. What’s remarkable is Saul Rubinek’s ability to continue working despite this frightening injury.

Thankfully, Saul Rubinek has excellent support from his family and friends. He has already made great progress in his rehabilitation, and we hope he will make a full recovery. We’d like to send our best wishes to Saul Rubinek during this difficult time.

Possible Cause of Saul Rubinek’s Stroke

Saul Rubinek, the actor who played Bob Cratchit in the original stage production of A Christmas Carol, has suffered a stroke, according to TMZ.com. Rubinek’s rep tells TMZ that the 80-year-old actor is currently hospitalized and unable to speak.

According to TMZ, Rubinek was rushed to the hospital after experiencing numbness on one side of his body. His rep tells TMZ that doctors believe the stroke may have been caused by a blood clot in his lungs.

AChristmasCarol.org is encouraged by reports that Saul Rubinek is receiving the best possible care and we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Recently, Saul Rubinek suffered a reported stroke. Although we cannot confirm the cause of this event, it is worth noting that people with a history of stroke are at an increased risk for developing dementia. If you are concerned about your loved one’s health and would like to inquire about their risk for developing dementia, please speak to your physician. In the meantime, please keep Saul and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they recover from this traumatic event.

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