Guardian Interlock Error – NO BASE?

Please help, I need to get places, but my car will not work! The car has been running fine for months on the Guardian Interlock device, until about 5 days ago. When going about the normal start-up procedure, instead of saying WARMUP PLEASE WAIT, it says NO BASE and makes a low dragged beep noise. I’ve sat there for hours at a time in the past few days with no avail. Please, I need help!

Guardian Interlock Problems

I have received a letter from Guardian interlock. It states “Due to an unresolved issue with the State of Minnesota, it is necessary to swap your existing ignition interlock device. There will be no cost to your for this swap and we will attempt to make it as easy and as convenient for you as possible. At this time YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING. Shortly, you will receive a phone call from a call center representative who will work with you to arrange the swap.

What the hell is this? I was told by the service rep that he was on the phone with Guardian and they needed to swap out everyones old equipment for new. That the cameras were not recording correctly. This was a few months ago. I have had it replaced and I also have had the handset replaced three times. Many times it says (on all handsets) No base, turn off car, abort. It asks for a rolling retest and will not allow it. It will go from 29 days to 7 in two days time. I was told this was because of no rolling retests. I told them I did. And even when I was able it still said to shut off ignition. Last month I had my interlock say that I had only started the vehicle 40 times in the past year. Of coarse this was incorrect. I have for the most part had the same service rep calibrate my equipment. This time he pointed that out to me and said he did not understand it but offered me a new handset anyway. Now it went from 30 days to recalibrate (it is now two weeks later) to 28 days. Help please. Is this the letter that I should have received months ago? Or do I have a problem with the state and need to contact my atty. I dont want to do that until I know what the issue is because it cost money just to speak to my atty. Can anyone help? Guardian is very unfriendly to speak with and offer no help, yet want tons of info from me when I call.

Why not contact them? They’re supposed to have 24/7/365 customer service.

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