Gravitational Force of Three Identical Masses?

Three identical masses of 590kg each are placed on the x axis. One mass is at x_1 = -110cm , one is at the origin, and one is at x_2 = 330cm . What is the magnitude of the net gravitational force F_grav on the mass at the origin due to the other two masses?

F(net) = F by 1 – F by 2
=>F(net) = Gm^2/r1^2 – Gm^2/r2^2
=>F(net) = Gm^2[1/r1^2 – 1/r2^2]
=>F(net) = 6.67 x 10^-11 x (590)^2 x [1/(1.1)^2 – 1/(3.3)^2]
=>F(net) = 1.71 x 10^-5 Newton

nicely, gravity obeys an inverse sq. regulation, so the internet result on the only on the commencing place is (overlook the end results of the mass on the commencing place on itself; that’s 0), 3.5^2-a million^2=11.25 cases the mass of a million 560 kg. mass 10 cm. away, that’s (6.67×10-11×560)/(0.a million^2)=3.735×10-6 newtons. so multiply this final quantity by making use of 11.25 and you have have been given your answer. yet once you’ll be able to desire to place 3 560 kg a lot this close at the same time, they had could desire to be a lot denser than osmium. Idle interest yet what are they made out of?

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