GRAMMAR: Do I use “Blinder” or “More Blind”?

I’m writting a paper for class, on the play Oedipus Rex. I’m citing the part of the play where Tiersais, the blind oracle comes in and tells Oedipus that he (Oedipus) is…..

More blind.
The rule about blind is the same as the rule about pregnant: you either are or you aren’t. In those cases, if you DO choose to compare, you use “more” rather than “-er”.

Blind – Blinder – Blindest is the right order.

The word, ‘BLINDER’ is the comparative form of ‘BLIND’ No second thoughts on it. Sometimes, people use ‘more blind’ than. That’s just their choice but not the right one.

The confusion is because of the existence of another word, Blinder (used informally) that means something, which is excellent especially in sports.

This match is blinder of a game!

One syllable or two or multiple are for some guidance & not a rule.

What are the comparative form of ,say, ‘tame’? It is ‘tamer. Not more tame!

AUTHENTIC SOURCE: Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary

It’s ‘blinder’ and the second variation of your sentence is wrong. It has to be ‘blinder than he is’ which is old English and thus more poetic, or ‘blinder than him’ (but that’s not always right) or ‘ blinder than [insert name of person]’. And you could have easily looked that up in the dictionary. I know this was posted over a decade ago and the internet wasn’t as versatile back then, but the library would have done it for you.

What does the play say? Can’t you quote it directly?

People, it’s a *metaphor* (also Greek.) Tiresias is a seer–a visionary. He sees…but doesn’t see. It’s a pun! Geez, Words and Wordplay people ought to recognize a good pun. I’d say “more blind”.

where Tiesais tells Oedipus that he is more blind than he .

Answer 6

The correct usage is “more blind”; “blinder” is a noun

Answer 7

More Blind is the consensus. And I believe you are correct on that second draft of your sentence…

Source(s): ME, and these others

The correct answer is: more blind.

Are you speaking about horse, or Stevie Wonder? Horse prefer “blinder”. Stevie would like “more blind”. I think.


yes , more blind is right
good luck

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