Emotional Trauma: A Rarely Discussed Side Effect of a Truck Accident in Ocala

Rated as one of the top places to retire, Ocala is a city in Florida that has a bit of everything. Known as the Horse Capital of the World, Ocala has more than 400 thoroughbred farms and training centers. The city has a rich art scene and plenty of events for enthusiasts to take part in.

But like any city, Ocala has its problems. A few bad apples think it’s fine to break the rules and risk other people’s lives. The consequences can be severe, especially if the bad apples happen to driving trucks.

Truck accidents are serious, even though drivers aren’t always the reason for them. Hiring one of the reputable truck accident lawyers in Ocala will shed light on the different parties who may be liable for truck accidents.

There’s another reason why you need lawyers. They help identify the kinds of damages that can be recovered through a truck accident compensation claim.

One type of damage that many victims omit, knowingly or unknowingly, is emotional trauma.

What is Emotional Trauma?

Victims who are involved in a truck accident experience a range of injuries. Most of them are physical and are pretty visible. This makes it easier for them to be spotted.

But that is not the case with emotional trauma.

Emotional trauma is what you call a silent killer. A condition that exists within a person, slowly rotting them away.

What makes emotional trauma deadly is that it’s hard to detect. And by the time that happens, the condition will have done enough damage.

Victims of truck accidents have an increased chance of experiencing any of the following conditions.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

There are reports that say that auto accidents are a major cause of PTSD among the general population. PTSD may be hard to detect as the symptoms may not appear immediately.

The common symptoms of PTSD include:

  • Recurrent memories of the truck accident
  • Reliving the truck accident as if it was happening again
  • Intense physical reaction to anything that reminds the victim of the truck accident
  • Avoiding places or events that remind them of the truck accident
  • Easily startled or frightened
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Concentration issues
  • Irritability

Although PTSD sounds serious, the intensity of the symptoms can be greatly reduced with the right psychological assistance.

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Anxiety is another emotional side effect of a truck accident. Almost all people are anxious about one thing or another at some point in their lives. But if a truck accident happens to be a trigger for anxiety, then the condition might be serious.

One common symptom that victims of truck accidents exhibit is fear. It might either be a fear of driving or a fear of trucks. The sight or thought of such events often triggers the symptoms of anxiety.

In addition to the sight of trucks, the sounds, or in some extreme cases, even the smells of anything related to the accident might trigger symptoms.


The chances of severe or life-altering injuries in a truck accident are frighteningly high. Such injuries often come with extended healing periods. During this period, they may not be able to perform activities that they once used to. This can have serious psychological effects on the victim.

The inability to take part in activities aside, victims may feel guilty for being a burden to someone. The quickly draining finances and their impact on family life can also affect the victim’s mental health.

Final Thoughts

Truck accidents have the ability to completely transform the victim’s way of living. The emotional disturbances caused by a truck accident can impact the victim’s everyday life.

Victims should consider hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer to find out how they can seek compensation for the emotional effects of the accident. With their help, victims can quickly get on the road to recovery.

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