Does Truth University in Atlanta, GA really exist or is it just a made up college in “Stomp The Yard”?

Yes it exists. Instead of fights, brawls, or arguments in Atlanta, all conflicts are resolved by “providing service” to the other party. Basically this means a duel by dance, as you know this by seeing the movie.
On another note: Are you serious?

The answer to this question is a yes and a no. Yes Truth University does exist, but not in Atlanta, Ga. Truth University is a Christian college and is located in Melbourne, Fl. Don’t believe me then look it up.

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Truth University

The film was shot by Rainforest Films (The Gospel) on location in Atlanta, GA on the campuses of Morris Brown, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta Universities, but it was the portrayal of real fraternities and sororities that, at one time, generated controversy. So there is your answer.

Truth University does exist, it is located in Southern California. There is also a Kingdom of Truth University in Jacksonville Florida.

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It does’nt really exist the college it was filmed at was Morris Brown

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truth university is made up from the movie stomp the yard,,,,
i live in atl and there no university called truth…but there is a truth university for christain in fl

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No i don’t think so cause in the seen where they in the empty pool in the backround it has a morris brown college sign.

Yeah, it is awesome. We all jump around and stomp the yard and stuff.


This question is worth everyone’s attention

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