Does Copenhagen Chewing tobacco have fiberglass in it?

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I believe, and have been told that Cope does not contain fiberglass. It uses “natural” abrasives such as salt. Other brands made by UST contain fiberglass, such as skoal, rooster, so on and so on. If you open your can of Cope and move it around in the light you wont see any very shiny particles in it. If you do this with a can of Skoal, you will see alot of shiny particles in the can. Also, Copenhagen is not a chewing tobacoo, it is a dipping tobacco. Chewing tobacco comes in pouches, not tins, some popular brands are Redman Levi Garrett and Beech Nut.

Source(s): Personal use of all the above mentioned products.

Copenhagen Chew

Hey. I believe that chewing tobacco USED to have fiberglass in it. (I heard this once)
It helped to lacerate your gum tissue so that the nicotine could get into your blood stream more quickly.
I’m pretty sure they stopped doing this, however.
BUT, if you chew, please try to quit. It is horrible for your teeth, gums and overall health… It’s worth stopping. It will be hard for a while, but your body (and wallet) will totally thank you…

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my investigation reveals no fiberglass. so if all you’re having is sore, raw gums after a day of chewing don’t worry. you’re on your way to throat cancer and the loss of your ‘teet’. Regards, Dirty Harry

It ain’t got fiberglass it’s salt that’s shines some flavor mace more than others an no I ain’t quitting

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Does Copenhagen Chewing tobacco have fiberglass in it?

Copenhagen chewing tobacco is one of the most popular types of tobacco products on the market today. It’s a loose-leaf tobacco product that comes in a variety of flavors, and many people believe that it has fiberglass in it. Is this true? And if so, what are the health risks associated with Copenhagen chewing tobacco?

What is Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco?

Copenhagen chewing tobacco is a type of tobacco that is often said to have fiberglass in it. This is because Copenhagen chewing tobacco is often used as a filler in other cigars, which can make the tobacco more durable and last longer. Fiberglass is not actually found in Copenhagen chewing tobacco, but many people believe that it is added to the product for this reason.

What are the Health Risks of Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco?

Copenhagen chewing tobacco has been linked to a number of health risks, including gum disease, mouth cancer, and lung cancer. The fiberglass in Copenhagen chewing tobacco can irritate the throat and lungs, and can even lead to death. If you’re using Copenhagen chewing tobacco, be sure to avoid using it in areas where your neck and chest meet, as this is where the fiberglass could get stuck and cause serious injury.

What are the Ingredients in Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco?

When it comes to Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, the product contains tobacco, sugar, and flavorings. Secondly, the ingredients may contain fiberglass or other chemicals that could be harmful if ingested. It’s important to read the ingredients list and decide for yourself if this is something that you want to use on a regular basis.

Is Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco a safe product to use?

There is some controversy surrounding Copenhagen chewing tobacco because of the potential for it to contain fiberglass. While there is no definitive answer, most experts believe that the risk is very low. If you are concerned about the potential for fiberglass contamination, you can always check the ingredients list to make sure that it does not contain this material.


There’s been some recent concern about Copenhagen chewing tobacco containing fiberglass, and whether or not this is a health hazard. While there hasn’t been any definitive answer yet, we wanted to provide our readers with the latest information so that they can make an informed decision. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and update you as more information becomes available. In the meantime, if you’re concerned about using Copenhagen chewing tobacco, we recommend checking out other brands on our list of the best chewable tobaccos.

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