Did lil Kim really get her stomach pumped from all the ounces of “love juice” what was found in her stomach?

is this true?

This rumor is another one of those “urban legend” rumors that happens to a lot of celebrities. I heard the same rumor about so many celebrities. It comes out every couple of years about one celebrity or another. I heard it about Rod Stewart back in the day. Lil Kim, and even Tevin Campbell. And even though it’s nasty, why would you need to get your stomach pumped for that. If you swallowed too much of it you would probably just throw up and maybe have an upset stomach at the most. Getting your stomach pumped for that is very extreme.

Lil Kim Stomach Pumped

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Did lil Kim really get her stomach pumped from all the ounces of “love juice” what was found in her stomach?
is this true?

So they’re using the 30-year-old Rod Stewart rumor on Lil Kim now?

I am almost positive that “love juices” digest like any other natural substance put into the digestive system. It is just another rumor, a gross one at that, to bash celebrities & keep there name in the news. When I was young it was said that “man juices” were found in one of the members of the NKOTB throat….I mean come on?

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How did love juice get in her stomach? Just curious, it doesn’t seem anatomically correct.

I heard that years ago but I didnt have any solid proof. You know rumors.

that is POSITIVELY the nastiest question I’ve ever read!


That is quite possibley the nastiest question I have ever heard in my entire life…………………………

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